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Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence Attorneys

When a loved one is injured in a nursing home, you might not know where to turn.
Wisconsin Nursing Home Lawyers at Bye, Goff & Rohde protect those who can’t protect themselves.

If a loved one lives in a nursing home or assisted care center, you’re trusting they’ll be cared for in a responsible and professional manner. There’s nothing worse than learning your relative has been the victim of abuse at the hand of a caretaker.

After experiencing such a severe violation of trust, you might not know where to turn. The personal injury attorneys at Bye, Goff & Rohde are prepared to protect your loved one.

Nursing home neglect has many faces.

Victims of nursing home abuse may sustain many kinds of injuries. Pay careful attention to the following:

  • Bedsores
    When a patient is not repositioned frequently enough, they lose blood flow to areas with significant pressure. Sores are often a sign of neglect, and once they develop are difficult to treat.
  • Bruises/broken bones
    Bruises or broken bones could be signs of physical abuse or the result of falling while unsupervised.
  • Falls
    Nursing homes have a responsibility to assess each patient’s fall risk and supervise accordingly. If your relative reports falling frequently or suffers an injury related to falling, neglect could be to blame.
  • Wandering
    Wandering is often attributed to a patient’s mental state. However, nursing homes and assisted living centers have a professional responsibility to prevent and protect patients from wandering.

If your loved one is abused, your family might face unexpected medical costs, loss of wages, and emotional trauma. In extreme cases, nursing home abuse or neglect may result in the death of a patient.

What to do if you suspect nursing home abuse:
If you believe you have a legitimate nursing home neglect or abuse case, don’t hesitate to call our Wisconsin law office and speak with one of our experienced lawyers. Wisconsin has deadlines in which you can bring personal injury cases, including nursing home injuries. It’s critical that you speak with one of our personal injury attorneys as soon as you discover or suspect your relative has been a victim of nursing home abuse.

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