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Month: September 2011

Wisconsin’s Truth in Auto Legislation Repealed

Posted on September 26, 2011 In The News,Insurance Disputes,Local News,State Law

The Turth in Auto Insurance (TAIL) law, passed by the State Legislature as part of then-Governor Doyle’s 2009 budget, protected Wisconsin motorists and made them safer.  Unfortunately, this past spring Governor Walker signed legislation that repealed many of the provisions passed under TAIL.  Governor’s Walker’s legislation goes back to the old rules on many significant issues: … read more

Medical Payments or Med Pay Coverage

Posted on September 23, 2011 Insurance Disputes

Medical payments coverage, or “med pay,” is a type of insurance coverage that can provide payment for medical expenses.  Often, med pay coverage will be available in the automobile context when an injury arises out of use of the covered vehicle, without respect to fault.  If there is no med pay coverage on the automobile… read more

What is a fair settlement amount?

Posted on September 19, 2011 Bicycle Injury,Boating Injury,Brain Injury,Bus Accidents,Construction Accidents,Dangerous Products (Product Liability),Dog Bites,Drunk Driving,Farm Accidents,General,Insurance Disputes,Medical Malpractice,Motorcycle Injury,Pedestrian Injury,Personal Injury,Pharmaceutical Product Injury,Semi Truck Accidents,Slip & Fall,Spinal Injury,That’s Outrageous!,Vehicle Accidents,What We Do For You (Civil Process),Work Injury,You’re Injured, Now What?

When it comes to analyzing a settlement offer that an injured person has received from an insurance company–whether that person is represented by an attorney or not–there are a great many factors that must be considered.  First and foremost, the nature and extent of the injuries, and whether there will be continuing or even permanent… read more

I have Auto Insurance, so why do I need a Lawyer?

Posted on September 6, 2011 Insurance Disputes,Myth Debunker,Personal Injury,Semi Truck Accidents,State Law,Vehicle Accidents,What We Do For You (Civil Process),Whiplash Injury,You’re Injured, Now What?

            When people are involved in motor vehicle collisions, the law (and basic fairness) calls for the negligent party—the party responsible for causing the accident—to pay for the damages that result. In most situations, the negligent party’s auto insurance company will pay for the damages. Starting in 2010, Wisconsin joined the vast majority of… read more

What is a DME or IME?

Posted on September 2, 2011 What Does This Word Mean?,You’re Injured, Now What?

In a personal injury lawsuit, the opposing parties generally dispute the extent of injuries sustained by the injured party. When the dispute involves a person’s mental condition, physical condition, or ability to pursue a vocation, the opposing parties may request that a physical, mental or vocational examination be performed by their own examiners. In many… read more