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Driving While Under The Influence


In Wisconsin, there were almost 2,900 people injured in alcohol-related crashes in 2015, and 190 people were killed. In Minnesota, there were 95 drunk driving fatalities and 2,203 injuries.

The dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are well-known, but unfortunately, that does not always stop people from doing it. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, 29.1 million people admitted that they drove drunk in 2012, and 9.9 million admitted to driving while under the influence of drugs.

The council also estimates that two in three people will be involved in drunk driving accidents during their lifetimes and that one-third of all fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian. In fact, drunk driving accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers.

Alcohol impairs a driver’s judgment, vision, and reaction time (among other things), which significantly increases the chance of an accident. Drugs can also impact judgment, vision, reaction time, and other skills or cognitive capabilities that drivers need.

Here are a few recent examples of drunk driving incidents in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Drunk Driving Accidents

A suspected drunk driver recently drove into his own Milwaukee apartment building, causing several injuries. His truck caught on fire when it struck the building, which caused the apartment to catch fire. A few second-floor neighbors sustained injuries in their escape from the building.

In Bagley, Wisconsin, a drunk driver crashed into a tent at a campground, injuring seven people. The 32-year-old driver was drinking when she lost control of her car and plowed into the tent, before running over it a second time. All seven people were hospitalized with their injuries, three of whom were airlifted to UW Hospital in Madison.

In Baldwin, Wisconsin, a suspected drunk driver was arrested for going almost 100 miles per hour with three kids in the car. He was traveling on Interstate 94 and was stopped by police for driving almost 30 mph above the posted speed limit. The three kids in the car were all under 16 years old. Luckily, the driver did not crash.

A woman leaving a concert in Minnesota was killed by a drunk driver whose blood alcohol content was almost three times the legal limit. The drunk driver crashed head-on into the 29-year-old concertgoer on Highway 19, just south of the Twin Cities.

Preventing Alcohol-Related Crashes

Drunk driving accidents are entirely preventable. That is why Wisconsin police have launched a campaign that focuses on stopping impaired driving. The name of the campaign, which runs through September 4, is called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.” Several Wisconsin police departments have joined the effort, including the Wisconsin Rapids and Grand Rapids police departments and the Adams County sheriff’s department.

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