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Injured People



motor vehicle accidents


Tavern Intoxicating Underage Driver


Minor Struck by Car while on a Skateboard


Adult Male Driving Tractor Suffered Serious Injuries Including Brain Injury When Hit by Truck Driver on Cell Phone


Adult Female Suffers Multiple Injuries in Ford Escort


Adult Male Suffers Back Injury in Auto Accident


Child Pedestrian Suffers Brain Injury After Being Hit by an Automobile


Minor Suffers Significant Hand Injury During Vehicle Roll Over


Near Head-On Motor Vehicle Collision that Activated Dormant Pre-Existing Medical Condition Causing Muscle Spasms and Severe Pain


Minor Collision resulting in Soft Tissue Back Injury, Requiring Occupational Changes


Young Male Pedestrian Suffers Multiple Injuries After Being Struck by Automobile

dangerous products


Adult Male Suffers Spinal Cord Injury in Dodge Vehicle


Rock Crusher Arm Injury


Adult Male Suffers Fatal Injury as a Result of a Faulty Hammer

Slip/Fall injuries


Severe low back injury from fall at department store


Severe Back injury after slipping and falling on ice at a business


Minor injured while falling on ice at a playground.


Adult male suffers Tinnitus after striking head in fall at restaurant.


Woman injures neck after slipping and falling on ice at a strip mall.


Adult Female Suffers Severe Leg Injury in Slip and Fall on Ice Accident

Brain Injuries


Adult Male Suffers Multiple Serious Injuries Including Brain Damage in Tractor Accident


Minor Suffers Brain Injury in Water Sports Accident

ATV Accident


Adult Male Suffers Severe Arm Injury in Three Wheel Accident