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What To Do If You Are Injured At The Beach


A beautiful beach day can turn catastrophic in an instant if an accident occurs. When someone is careless or reckless, injuries can happen. Injury victims and their families are left with the task of healing and recovering from the event while attempting to pay the expenses they have incurred such as medical bills as well as dealing with economic losses in lost wages and future earnings.

Common Beach Injuries

Our local lakes’ beauty can mask the potential for serious injuries or death. There are a variety of ways in which a person could suffer catastrophic injuries while at the beach, including:
• Drowning or near-drowning incidents;
• Attacks by wildlife
• Becoming ill because of ingestion of contaminated water;
• Cuts and lacerations from hidden objects on the shore and in the water;
• Neck and spine injuries or traumatic brain injuries from sporting accidents;
• Other serious injuries.

After an Injury

After a beach injury, it is vital that you take immediate steps to protect your health or the injury victim’s health.
• If you are in the water, you should immediately get out of the water and have emergency help summoned right away.
• Inform any responding medical personnel of the circumstances of your injury, as that will dictate the type of emergency care you will need.
• At the hospital, give a complete description to the best of your ability of your current health and allergies and how the injury occurred.
• Keep all follow-up appointments your doctor sets and follow all treatment instructions as they are given.

Finding the Cause of Your Beach Injury

It can be difficult to determine how your beach injury happened and who – if anyone – is responsible. Beaches many times are crowded and most people are unaware of what goes on at the beach unless it affects them personally. Identify witnesses as soon as possible: even those who did not see the accident but delivered first aid until emergency medical professionals arrived.

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