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Premises Liability: Can You Recover For A Fall At A Retail Store?


 Last week we discussed slips and falls on ice.  Slips and falls involving snowy or icy conditions are common in the winter and spring.  The Attorneys at BGR are experienced in handling slips and falls on ice, but we also represent people who are injured due to slippery conditions and/or tripping hazards inside retail stores.

We don’t typically think of shopping as a dangerous activity.  However, a trip to the grocery store, a big box store, or your favorite retail chain can be more dangerous than you think.  It is difficult to do your shopping and keep an eye out for dangers that are low to the ground.  While shopping we have a tendency to always look up.  We are looking for the items we want to purchase and at signage directing you throughout the store. We are also distracted by displays put out by the retailer.  In fact, the stores do not want you looking at the ground.  They set up the stores to direct your attention upward and to view the items they are selling.

For this reason, store owners need to keep the floors clear of slippery conditions and remove items that are low to the ground.  For example, they may have wet floors due to other customers tracking in snow or water from the outside.  Spills can occur and need to be taken care of promptly.  They may have a cooler or freezer malfunction that is leaking water.  It is important for store owners to perform periodic “sweeps” of their floors to make sure slippery conditions are taken care of as soon as possible.

Store owners also need to make sure that empty pallets and boxes used for stocking are promptly removed.  They also need to make sure that their displays are tall enough and stocked high enough for people to see.

If you fall while shopping, always remember to document the accident scene with a photograph.  It might not be the first thing on your mind, but most people carry a cell phone with a camera.  Also, make sure to report the incident to the manager or supervisor on duty.

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