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Got Results When Others Did Not

Brian Laule immediately developed a battle plan because my old case was stagnant when he received the file, each time he phoned me he was full of energy, and I knew I could count on him 100%. He revived my dead case, worked hard for me, and told me he looked forward to the day when he would hand me the settlement check. So There You Have It.....I appreciate the efficient staff at BGR, together you make a great team.

- Mary, Stillwater

I Would Recommend Them Without Reservation

In January 2020, I stepped out of a local business establishment whereby I encountered an icy sidewalk. My fall resulted in a fractured pelvis in three places and an inability to walk. While I was in bed I saw an advertisement from Bye, Goff & Rohde on TV and decided to text them my situation.

Here's the bottom line.
They contacted me by phone within the hour, sent a representative to my nursing home within two days, and initiated a claim within two weeks. Since that time, Attorney Brian Laule has continuously kept in touch with me regarding the status of my case.

I received a fair result. Which is always positive. However, my primary message is that this law firm and particularly Mr. Laule, has been both attentive and caring.

I recommend them without reservation!

- Tom, La Crosse

Successful Outcome Was First Priority

To Whom It May Concern: Think of what you would do if you suddenly became injured due to someone else's carelessness: your ability to work, the medical costs, and the impact on your ability to enjoy life. Who would you turn to for help? I turned to attorney Steve Goff. Steve and his team resolved all of my concerns with a great level of care and professionalism. At all times working with Steve, I knew that my successful outcome was his first priority and ultimate goal. Steve brings to the legal profession an intensely personal and compassionate ability work with clients, excellence at trial, and fearless negotiation skills. Steve Goff is a valuable member of the Western Wisconsin community and I highly recommend his firm for personal injury legal services.

- Shawn

The Definition of Professionalism

Dean Rohde helped with my husband's personal injury lawsuit, and for the whole 3 years, Dean and his Team were the definitions of professionalism. I couldn't imagine going through this alone. Dean made this horrible period in our life way easier than I could ever imagine it being. We received far more in compensation than other firms said was possible. We are exceedingly glad that we chose Bye, Goff & Rohde to represent our family in this dark hour.

- Jessica

Extremely Supportive and Always Kept Me Informed

Tracy stood by my side, representing me in my auto accident case for approximately 1.5 years. I tend to refer to him as my "guardian angel". He and his team were extremely supportive and always kept me informed via emails, phone calls, or letters regarding the status of my case. We had an extremely successful outcome, and I don't think it would have been that way with any other attorney.

- Lisa

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Brian is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who was completely dedicated to my case. He made sure that my questions were answered and that I knew what to expect through the entire process. The case ended up going to court and the outcome was better than anyone could have imagined. No one could have done a better job!

- Amy

Bye, Goff & Rohde Helped When the Insurance Company Didn't

We called Bye, Goff & Rohde after we were having no help from our insurance company or the adjusters. Bob Parsons was very helpful, very understanding and was very easy to work with. I told Bob at the beginning that we would do what he thought was best and we would follow through with the process as long as it would take. He always kept us informed and up to date with what was happening. We were happy with the outcome and would highly recommend him.

- Jeff

Judge Told my Jury They had "Witnessed Very Good Lawyering"

Brian is an excellent lawyer. Even the judge at the end of the trial told the jury they had “witnessed very good lawyering.” Brian presents with maturity and surety that seem to far exceed his years. I really respect the way he used his talent and coupled it with a competitive nature to get results and yet at the same time always showed genuine concern, consideration of my opinions, and patience with me during the entire process. Going to trial is nobody’s desire, but when I took the stand, Brian made it very easy for me to say the truth. I felt assured by his command of all the details and I truly appreciated his best efforts. Making that phone call to Bye, Goff & Rhode was one of the best decisions. I would highly recommend Brian and I want to thank him and his staff. The results speak for themselves!!

- Erin

Total Excellence!

Dean Rohde, from Bye, Goff & Rohde (BGR) Trial Lawyers, and his staff were awesome. They represented me in 2 separate auto accidents, which were 3 years apart and not my fault. The insurance company would not settle with me and jerked me around. I called BGR and they came to me and there was no money I had to put up at all. Once I was represented by BGR, the insurance companies settled, as they knew Dean would take my case to trial. You need to be patient, though, as the process takes 1 to 2 years, but the wait is worth it.

- Rich

BGR Helped Me When Another Attorney said "This Isn't Worth My Time".

Working with BGR was one of the best things I ever did! I was badly hurt in an accident and required 4 surgeries, 17 nights in a hospital, countless trips to the hospital, lots of tears were cried and many nights were restless. I talked to the person who was responsible and the person said: “if you want anything, sue me”.

I live in a town of less than 10k people, so I went to the “local attorney”. What a joke! He reviewed my injury and my case and said: “this isn’t worth my time”.

At that point, I felt completely hopeless. Then someone suggested calling BGR, so I did. I met with someone to tell them my story and what had happened. They felt I had a case worth going forward with and I deserved justice for what had happened.

We were able to settle our case outside of court and the defendant had to pay. I did not do this for the money. The money was a nice benefit, but the fact that this person had to admit they were responsible for my injury was the best part of winning. I felt extremely justified when everything was done.

Bob Parsons and his staff were excellent at what they did, made me feel good throughout the whole process, and answered all my questions. I highly recommend using them. Skip the local guy, this team is great.

- Lance

I'd Recommend Your Firm to Anyone!!

Outstanding Job!! With ALL of the "up-hill" challenges facing my case, Dean and his team provided amazing legal strategies and fact-finding. It was a LONG and patient battle but Mr. Rohde and his team succeeded. Great Job Folks!!! Thank you so much for ALL you've done.

- Troy

I Knew I Was in Good Hands

The first time I visited their office I knew I was in good hands and was going to get the support I needed moving forward. Steve Goff and his staff helped me through a painful and emotional 3 + years in many ways. They were very diligent with all communications, they promptly and respectfully answered any questions or confusions that came up for me. I would most definitely recommend Steve Goff and Bye, Goff & Rohde to anyone out there who finds themselves in a situation where they need help.

- Maryjo

Super Attorney

Brian is an amazing attorney! He was there for me during a really rough time. I didn't make it easy on him. I had broken my spine in three places. My pain was unbelievable. It was hard enough dealing with the normal day to day obligations, family, pets, things we tend to take for granted. I didn't have to worry about a lawsuit and all that comes with it. His team handled all of it. They were truly there for me anytime I needed anything. He gave me his cell phone number (what attorney does that?) and during my deposition he came out like SUPER Lawyer. He didn't tolerate any disrespect from the insurance companies' attorney. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly this settled! It was so easy on me... because he made it easy on me. He went above and beyond just doing his job. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs someone on their side. Thank you so much Brian!

- Shiela

They Took Care of All of the Details

They took care of all of the details of my complex case allowing my family and I to recover our health without having to worry about all of the insurance companies and hospital bills.

- Steve

Thank You Brian Laule!

Brian is a very knowledgeable attorney, pays very close attention to detail. He presents himself in a very sure manner. He has made sure that my questions were answered and that I knew and understood what to expect through the entire process.

My case ended up going to that time I was very apprehensive about the idea of going to court. Brian was again very encouraging and confident, in return making me feel secure in our decision and the outcome was very favorable for us.

The outcome was what Brian said all along. His confidence shined through. My husband and I, through all of this, have been very pleased with Brian and his professionalism. We believe word of mouth is the best advertising... And we will spread the word.

- Diane