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Seniors Face Injury Risks


 Seniors aged 65 and older are injured more frequently and with more severe consequences in household accidents, as compared to other age groups compared in a study published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In 2011, injured seniors accounted for more than two million emergency room visits. This is more than 40% more visits than younger individuals.  Over 25% of these injuries involved serious injuries such as fractures.  Most of the injuries related to falls are due to the elevation or condition of stairs, ramps, floors, or landings.

The CSPC’s report details the findings:

The data highlights the importance of making sure living conditions for seniors are inspected and evaluated. Inspection and evaluation can address fall risks, slippery conditions, obstacles to walking, and other potentially dangerous features.  As the Baby Boomer generation reaches senior status, and more and more individuals opt to avoid residing in nursing homes and similar facilities as long as possible, these safety considerations are all the more important.

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