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Slip & Fall Don't Face This Alone – Call Bye, Goff & Rohde

Eau Claire Slip & Fall Attorneys

We typically don't think much of walking until we slip on an icy sidewalk or trip over an improperly maintained floor. The pain of your injury may keep you off your feet and unable to walk or work for some time. The Eau Claire slip and fall attorneys of Bye, Goff & Rohde are committed to seeing you made whole again, and we have the experience needed to represent you in these complex cases.

Have you been injured in a slip and fall? Call us at (534) 202-5404 to schedule a free consultation.

Experience That Counts

The firm of Bye, Goff & Rohde has been serving the Eau Claire area for nearly 50 years. We are familiar with the unique character of our city and are committed to protecting our neighbors. We are proud of the fact that our partners are all Board Certified by The National Board of Trial Advocacy. This is an honor afforded to only three percent of all attorneys. Our firm's reputation for excellence can greatly benefit you if you've been injured in a fall.

Slip & Fall Accidents Are Complex

Determining what caused your fall can be complicated. Proving your case often requires professional counsel and testimony. Proving that the property owner was negligent in maintaining the safety of their premises requires a hard-working team committed to nailing down the details of your case. You have enough to worry about with recovering and getting your quality of life back. Let our experienced team of attorneys do the work of bringing the facts to light.

Eau Claire Is Unique

Eau Claire was founded in 1845 and is home to some beautiful historic buildings. While these older buildings add to the city's character, maintaining them properly can take more time and money than some property owners are willing to provide. With snow and ice on sidewalks and steps six months out of the year, properly clearing the ice to provide a safe walkway is a duty responsible property owners take seriously. Some people, however, take dangerous shortcuts that can result in painful and expensive injuries to victims of slip and fall accidents.

Common Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents in Eau Claire

Slip and fall accidents can result from various dangerous conditions, both inside and outside. 

Common causes of slip and fall accidents include: 

  • Poorly maintained walkways or stairs with cracked, broken, or uneven surfaces that create an obstacle for pedestrians 
  • Ice and snow that accumulate on sidewalks, driveways, or other walkways without proper deicing or salting
  • Spills left unattended on floors in restaurants, stores, and other establishments open to the public
  • Loose floorboards, rugs, and mats that are not adequately secured to the ground 
  • Unsafe staircases with inadequate lighting or handrails
  • Uneven surfaces due to tree roots growing under pavement or sidewalks 
  • Puddles caused by leaks in roofs that remain unfixed
  • Defective railings located on balconies, porches, and decks 
  • Slippery surfaces due to improper cleaning methods used by store owners or restaurant staff, such as using too much wax polish on floors that can increase slipperiness when wet

Because of our harsh, icy winters, we handle many slip and fall cases—in fact, they represent a majority of the cases we work on. Our Eau Claire slip and fall lawyers know what it takes to form solid arguments in cases involving slip and falls and will apply everything we know to your claim or lawsuit. 

How Do You Prove Negligence in a Slip & Fall Case?

To prove negligence in a slip and fall case, you must demonstrate that the property owner or manager where the incident occurred had a duty of care to maintain their premises in a safe condition for visitors and that this duty was breached. You must show that the breach was the direct cause of your injury. 

To prove that the land or property owner had a duty of care, evidence should be gathered to demonstrate that they were aware of potential hazards on the property or should have been aware. 

This evidence could include photographs, videos, and/or witness accounts of things like:

  • Broken stairs or walkways 
  • Loose handrails 
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Wet floors
  • Ice or snow accumulation
  • Any other unsafe conditions that may have caused an accident

It is important for you to document any hazardous conditions present at the time of your injury with photographs as soon as possible after it occurs. 

You must also demonstrate that, due to the actions or inaction of the property owner, you suffered an injury. In addition to providing evidence of hazardous conditions on the property, witnesses who can attest to your story need to be identified quickly, as their testimony regarding who is responsible for causing or failing to prevent harm could be crucial. Property owners who fail to ensure reasonable safety standards can be held liable for any damages from injuries sustained on their premises. 

Call us at (534) 202-5404 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. Let our Eau Claire slip and fall attorneys get you back on your feet.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Slip and fall injuries can be severe and have long-lasting consequences. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand your legal rights and pursue the compensation you deserve for your losses. At Bye, Goff & Rohde, our attorneys have extensive experience handling slip and fall cases. We understand the complexities of this type of claim and will fight diligently for you.

Our attorneys will work with you to collect evidence that supports your case, such as witness statements, photographs or videos of the accident scene, medical records of your injuries, and more. We will also review any relevant safety regulations and applicable insurance policies to ensure that your rights are protected. 

We are skilled negotiators who will fight to reach a fair settlement with the responsible parties or their insurance providers. If this is not possible, we are prepared to take your case to trial. 

What Happens Next

When you choose to let our attorneys work on your case, you owe us nothing unless we win your case or get you a settlement. We believe getting justice should not add to the financial strain of your situation. Our attorneys never advise accepting a quick settlement just to expedite the process. We are prepared to take your case to trial to get the full and fair compensation you are owed. 

When you contact us, we will schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We can even meet with you at your home – at no cost – in Eau Claire, Menomonie, Wausau, Chippewa Falls, or other surrounding areas. There is no obligation— we just want to take the time to hear you describe your situation. Our attorneys feel that the best representation comes from knowing the people we represent better.

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Steve brings to the legal profession an intensely personal and compassionate ability to work with clients, excellence at trial, and fearless negotiation skills. Steve Goff is a valuable member of the Western Wisconsin community and I highly recommend him.

- Shawn

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