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Jet Ski Accident Lawyer

In a split second, a boating accident can change your life. Bye, Goff & Rohde jet ski accident lawyers can help when water recreation goes wrong.

In Wisconsin and Minnesota, heading to the lake and getting on the water is a way of life in the summer months. While most jet ski operators are responsible and careful, accidents caused by irresponsible or negligent operators account for thousands of boat and jet ski accidents each year. The result? Life-altering injuries for those involved. In the most tragic cases, lives are lost.

Causes of Watercraft Accidents

In 2015, the Coast Guard counted 4,158 boating accidents that involved 626 deaths and 2,613 injuries.  Open motorboats, jet skis, and other personal watercraft account for the second most common type of boating accident. Recreational boating accidents can be more complex than motor vehicle accidents because physical evidence can sink, or the water can wash it away. Usually, there aren’t many unbiased witnesses.  Boating and jet ski accidents often occur due to:

At Bye, Goff & Rohde, our Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys help boating and jet ski accident victims recover what they lost.  Our personal injury attorneys are experienced in handling jet ski accident cases. We work diligently to overcome the obstacles and legal issues these situations can present and win the compensation our clients deserve.

Claims for Compensation

Boating and jet ski accident victims may recover damages for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Temporary or permanent disabilities
  • Maiming and disfigurement
  • Specialized home environment, transportation, and other needs
  • Lost wages or income benefits
  • Psychological harm
  • Rehabilitation expenses

What You Should Do

If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating or jet ski accident and you believe you have a legitimate personal injury case, do not hesitate to contact Bye, Goff & Rohde. Our Injury Lawyers offer free case evaluations, and we’ll always be honest about your chances of winning a suit. If you have an injury, it is nice to know someone is on your side. Our attorneys will stand up for your rights.  Contact us today for a free consultation.