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Paper Shredder Injury Attorney

You have the right to consult an attorney if you are injured by a dangerous product.

In spite of the digital era, the daily mail still brings waves of advertising, unsolicited credit card offers, and other unwanted junk mail. It is understandable that a market still exists for home paper shredders. Many people want a way to simply and conveniently dispose of junk mail while still protecting any private information that may be contained in the papers. In theory, the personal home paper shredder makes much sense.

Personal Injuries from Paper Shredders

A growing number of reported shredder-related injuries reveal that home shredders pose a danger to any user and are especially dangerous to children. In fact, the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a Paper Shredder Safety Alert. It documents reports of incidents involving finger amputations and lacerations. In addition, the report also directly connects other finger injuries to the use of home shredders. Often the injuries occur to children under age five. Even supervised children may, in a moment’s breath, reach into a shredder.

The Danger of Paper Shredders

The paper shredders are designed to pull paper into the shredding mechanism. They cut with enough force to destroy thick mailings and even credit cards. An adult using a shredder can recognize the pulling sensation and let go of a paper pulled into the machine. A small child, however, easily can have his or her fingers pulled into the mechanism along with the paper. Federal government research indicates that some home shredders have been made and marketed without enough testing to account for the size of children’s fingers.  Without sufficient safety, the design does not prevent injury to small hands.

Consulting a Lawyer About a Paper Shredder Injury

When a serious injury is caused by a hazardous product, such as a paper shredder, the injured party and his or her family have a right to consult an attorney. The personal injury attorneys at Bye, Goff & Rohde represent persons injured by dangerous products and are available for a free consultation. We will travel to you at no cost.  We care about you and are dedicated to getting the compensation you deserve.